Sahuarita Middle School

Sahuarita, Arizona

Fall 1999

SMS Art Instructors
Despite her youthful appearance, Nancy Burch has been teaching for 22 years - twenty of those in the Sahuarita School District at Sopori Elementary, Sahuarita Elementary and Sahuarita Middle School.
She has always been interested in artistic and creative endeavors (although her first masterpiece of crayon on wallpaper was not well received).
Ms. Burch is enjoying her art classes at Sahuarita Middle School this year.
Nancy Burch

Cindy Conant has been teaching at Sahuarita Middle School for eleven years. During that time she has taught sixth, seventh and eighth grade art as well as reading.
While not every student will grow up to be a Picasso or van Gogh, Mrs. Conant believes everyone can benefit by creating art to the best of their ability.
Mrs. Conant was born in San Francisco and grew up in Southern California, Beautiful Downtown Burbank to be exact.
Mrs.Conant attended Pierce Junior College and California State University, Northridge and graduated with a BA in Art. She returned to CSUN to obtain her teaching certificate.
An Arizona resident since 1988, she has enjoyed the students at Sahuarita Middle School and looks forward to making the art program something students will remember as adults.
Cindy Conant